Should I have to Outsource my Web Development project?

Web development involves building a web presence in desirable formats such as a website or a web app. For this, you need to hire a freelancer, a well-established company, or an agency to do the work.

A report by Aptude on the global outsourcing market indicates that businesses are outsourcing approximately 68% of their workforce requirements, currently with approximately 300,000 positions, accounting for approximately $85.6 billion in the global market.

Let’s dive straight into the points.

Should I hire a Dedicated Team or a well-established Company/Agency?

Most of the time, outsourcing is a great idea. It’s much more cost-effective as you don’t pay for hiring/on-boarding/office etc, have a pool of specialists ready to help you and their expertise in the required domain and probably with startups in general.

As per the model, it depends on what team you already have. If you have a tech team, consider staffing them with devs and you’re good to go. If your team is more business-related, consider outsourcing full web development.

You don’t need to hire a full-time freelancer if you have no idea how to interview and find great developers. So, finding an established company/agency is likely your route of lowest risk.

Good luck!

Benefits of Hiring a Web Developer for Your Business -

  1. Save time. Unless you are building the most basic of websites, web development takes time.
  2. Create custom designs. Every business is different, and as a result, every website should be different too.
  3. You’ll have the advantage of a professional edge.
  4. Make the most of the latest technology and industry best practices.
  5. Get the marketing advantage on your project with Built-in SEO.
  6. You can always have ongoing support.

If you didn’t get the right answer yet, check this out Advantages of Hiring Web Developers for more information.

How to hire web developers for your specific needs?

“How to Hire a Web Developer for Your Business?” See this step-by-step explanation.

Which Developers (Frontend/Backend/Full-stack developers) need?

Frontend Vs. Backend Vs. Full-stack Developers -

  • Backend Developers — These are skilled professionals who oversee the show from behind the stage. They form the core features and segments of the program that manage the user experience on a digital platform. Some of the key skills you need to test include knowledge of Python, Java, PHP, SQL, HTML, .NET, Node JS, and others.
  • Frontend Developers — These are skilled professionals who are responsible for the design and implementation of the parts of the web app that are visited by the users. In other words, they are the design developers handling the appearance of the website. They provide technical skills to improve website speed, resolve technical issues, and integrate third-party services into the site’s infrastructure. His knowledge of React JS, Angular JS, Vue JS, HTML5, Javascript, and others enables him to achieve the prescribed functionalities of the website.
  • Full-stack Developers — These professionals are competent and experienced in both areas of web development. They take care of coding as well as designing the web page or application. Such specialists gain popularity among companies that have just entered the market because such start-ups have very limited resources. The hourly fee will be higher for hiring a full-stack developer. However, working with such a specialist tends to be cheaper.

How much does it cost to hire web developers?

In Eastern Europe, the cost of hiring a professional web developer ranges from $30-$80 per hour. However, in Western Europe, it ranges from $60 to $120, and in North America, it ranges from $50 to $130. Whereas in India the cost of hiring web developers ranges from $15-$80 per hour.

For in-house developers, you have to pay a monthly salary and provide them with training and other on-boarding costs. Conversely, when you outsource you only get paid for productive hours.


It is almost understood that anyone can build a website nowadays. Although it is always beneficial to hire a web developer. A professional who understands the entire development ecosystem makes it easier and faster for projects that may be difficult for you to handle, and most importantly cost-effective as well.

Hiring a web developer by outsourcing can free you and you can put your focus more on other important things.

Thanks for reading!

Don’t forget to read this 15 mins advanced guide on How to hire Web Developers for Business? It will help.




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Kane Jason

Kane Jason

Member of Agile Developers who is passionate to work on every technology.

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